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Welcome to My Website

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Doctor Leon
The Real Estate Doctor
Leon C Bruer, PhD, Realtor

Welcome to My Website


The current page.

April Market Update


Your March real estate update. There are numerous links to can explore, including drilling down to the statistics for your local neighborhood.

Contact Me


My contact information, including a “Contact Me” form you can use to ask any questions that you may have.

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Displays my team listings. There are instructions at the beginning for how to use.

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Provides filtering parameters to limit my team listings to the ones most interesting to you.

What is My Home Worth?


Enables you to get an estimate of the current market value of your home.

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Allows you to search the active real estate market for homes of interest to you.

Homes for Sale User Guide


Provides information on how to use the “Homes for Sale” page.

My Portal


Allows you to build a list of homes by your criteria to be automatically watched for you. You will be notified by email when homes on your watch list have a change in status, or have an open house scheduled, or when homes come onto the market into your watch list.

My Portal User Guide


Provides information on how to use the “My Portal” page.

Welcome to My Website

Doctor Leon's Prescriptions

Prescription for
Finding Your Dream Home

Buying a home is an emotional experience. But, you must be the master to make the best home purchase decision for you. Great decisions flow from wisdom, rarely from unbridled emotion.

Part of wisdom is to have a well thought out plan to help you through the rough spots.

The plan should include:


Know what you want – Make a list of required features and another for nice to have features. Having a clear idea of what you want is essential to being able to recognize it when you see it.


Know your budget – Be clear on what you are willing to spend on a home. If you will be getting a mortgage, get pre-qualified by a lender so that you understand the mortgage terms that are available to you. Avoid getting attached to homes that cost more than you are comfortable with.


Avoid complicated deals – There are many forms of complication, such as contingent offers, bank foreclosures, homes needing extensive repairs, etc. But, these conditions have in common that they most often lead to major disappointments that can sour your home buying experience.


Know when to buy -- Making the decision to purchase can be scary. That’s why we do home inspections and have sundry processes to protect the buyer. You need a plan to evaluate when it is time to buy. Commitment anxiety can be debilitating. It’s one more case where wisdom must prevail over emotion.

Prescription For
A Healthy Real Estate Transaction


Connect with a service oriented agent, not a sales person.


Choose a mortgage provider who is customer focused.


Choose a title company committed to delivering an error free closing on time.

Sound simple? It is simple if done carefully and well.

Leon C Bruer, PhD, Realtor
The Real Estate Doctor

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